Use software and technologies to streamline and automate marketing tasks, so that your brand can reach more customers and sell more products or services through messaging, social media and AI.

Just Launched!: Email Conversational Tool, an AI powered marketing tool that enhances communication between brand Marketers, Sales professionals and their clients/customers by injecting 'conversational AI chatbot' into the body of an email and/or newsletter.


Growth-hack your brand to success in three easy steps

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    Analyze buying Trends

    AI powered: yes
    In today's ever-changing marketplace, it's more important than ever for brands to stay ahead of the curve. One way to do this is by using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze buying trends on the web, and predict outcomes.
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    Develop Marketing Plan

    AI powered: yes
    Our AI tool first understand your target audience's needs, preferences, and behaviors. This includes analyzing the data collected on shopping trends, Identifying new trends, Sales data, Tracking trends, and finally predicting outcomes.
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    AI Influencer Marketing

    AI powered: yes
    Automate influencer marketing with our AI tool. Set this tool to generate contents automatically, schedule posting and manage responses on your behalf. Reach customers at the right time with precision posting.

Few of the notable brands and companies we're lucky to call partners

Being partners with us can be mutually beneficial in many ways. Increased brand awareness, Joint marketing opportunities, and Increased sales opportunities to name a few. Our partnership can be a mutually beneficial relationship that can help us achieve our business goals sooner.


Dear Creators & Influencers,

Ever wondered creating and delivering contents to your followers, growing & monetizing contents, but not on any social media platform?
Escape the constraints of platform algorithms and connect with your audience on a local level through text messaging. Manage audience growth, content monetization while maintaining fruitful relationships with audience and brand sponsors.

Messaging as a Platform

  • Take complete control of your platform.
  • Monetize content on your own terms.
  • Represent brand partners through subtle promotions.
  • Your content view and subscription is NEVER based on platform algorithm.
  • Never again beg for likes or subscriptions.
  • Train and activate your personal AI assistant.
  • No app to download, just your regular text redesigned & configured as a platform.
  • We help you launch your own consumer brand products or promote affiliate products from leading brands.

  • We hope you see the value in this amazing tool, and thanks for scrolling to this section.
  • Sincerely,
    ForgedMart Team

Affiliate Spotlight

It's easy to earn on ForgedMart and you don't have to wait for your affiliate payout like you do with other programs that typically pay out on the first or middle of the month. With ForgedMart affiliate program, you can refer your friends and get paid on the same day they sign up - Thanks to our partnership with Stripe.

  • Immediate payout
  • Recurring revenue
  • Set your own hours
  • Free to Join
  • Work from anywhere
  • No Tier Limit
  • 50% Referral fee