Why Messaging as a Platform

Messaging has evolved far beyond simple text conversations; it has become a powerful tool for content creators to connect with their followers in a more personalized and interactive way.

With Messaging as a Platform (MaaP), you can transform your social media presence into a personalized, immersive experience that keeps your audience engaged on a deeper level.

As a Platform
Designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, manage your messaging platform efficiently with more time to focus on creating exceptional content.
Get a personal SMS number
Sign up for a ForgedMart account and get your free SMS number. You can use this number instead of your real mobile phone number.
Invite everyone
Your free SMS number is one you can publicly share on social media with your audience, and it`s equipped with all the features any mobile number has.
Audience as a Group
Your audience joins as a group, and you can use all the features your phone allows: Go live with FaceTime, share images and videos e.t.c.
SMS Features
Using this number followers can connect by sending you and each other messages via text, share media assets, Go live with FaceTime, and if you don`t want to receive messages at any point in time - put it on silent, your personalized chatbot would take over on your behalf.
Monetizing your Platform
Monetize your platform with brand representations, Accept donations for contents well done, Affiliate partnerships, With Mobile Commerce enabled you can sell your products & services.
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